Facilitating Global Trade Through Technology

What is iTrust?

iTrust is a trade financing  platform that harnesses the power of Smart Contractual Workflows, Blockchain, and IoT technologies to improve supply chain visibility and risk management. By providing means to detect fraud and performance exceptions, iTrust allows both lenders and borrowers to assess and mitigate risks in new light. This opens up new market opportunities in trade financing globally, where iTrust aims to be the technology facilitator.

Smart Contractual Workflows

Smart Contractual Workflows manage trade finance transactions in financial, documentary and operational aspects. Other than automating manually intensive processes, they provide users with sanity checks as the trade progresses.

Internet Of Things

IoT enables real-time visibility on the cargo location and condition. Cargo transit and storage visibility, including security, stock tracking, and environmental conditions, could be obtained timely to detect operational exceptions.

Blockchain Enabled

Blockchain ensures data integrity and immutability, allowing stakeholders in the supply chain to verify data and documents against a genuine source and enables trust between stakeholders.

Trade Financing through iTrust

Visibility in today’s supply chain is restricted to paper documents and financial transactions, without much actual visibility of the operations or physical supply chain. More often than not, this visibility is restricted to one or a few stakeholders and not transparent to the trading ecosystem. The iTrust platform captures the collective interaction between the documentary, financial and operational aspects of a trade financing transaction, offering stakeholders a trusted and transparent bird’s eye view of the trade’s progression.

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